Ground Beef

SunFed Ranch offers the best-of-the-best organic and natural 100% grass fed ground beef in different lean points—all raised as nature intended on American ranches. Delicious, juicy, and healthier than conventional ground beef, with no fillers or ingredients you don’t want to serve to your family. If you’re big on beef, but also want nutritious and delicious flavor, it’s time to grab a napkin…

And on those nights you need to make a mad dash to the dinner table, take it easy with a little help from our Natural 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef Frozen Burgers. Pure grass fed beef with no fillers, made to make life easier. These burger patties cook from a frozen state. That means the only one doing the work is your grill or skillet.

The Best Beef, the Best Burgers:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Zero Fillers
  • High in Protein
  • Paleo Friendly 

Natural Ground Beef 80/20

Natural Ground Beef 90/10

Organic Ground Beef 80/20

Organic Ground Beef 85/15

Organic Ground Beef 90/10

100% FLAVOR.

Ground Beef