Regenerative Agriculture

Good for the Land. Good for You.

Ranching Responsibly.

Respect for the land, the cattle, and the environment. It’s the way nature intended, and it’s what we do every day.

Our planet-first practices help create drought-resistant ranches, maintain clean waterways, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering more carbon in the soil. We put innovative tools and breakthroughs to work by making regenerative agriculture our standard. It allows us to work in tandem with nature by caring for our open spaces, watersheds, native plants and wildlife—today and for future generations. Because we’ve learned that when you take care of the land, the land returns the favor. And the flavor.

Graze. Rotate. Repeat.

It’s called rotational grazing. The practice of guiding our cattle to new areas of the ranch to avoid overgrazing and allow forage to recover between mealtimes. It’s better for the cattle, and better for the land.  A win-win from soil to steer.

Rotational grazing is a key component in our commitment to sustainability, and mimic historical herds of large grazing animals. The benefits are many:

  • Between a 30-70% increase in quality forage growth.
  • Land that’s equipped to sequester carbon, keeping greenhouse gases out of the air.
  • Healthier grass. Deeper roots. And natural protection against erosion and drought.
  • More evenly, naturally distributed manure. AKA, nature’s favorite fertilizer.
  • A peaceful, flourishing environment for our cattle.

No Feedlots or Fertilizer Here.

We grow lush, abundant grass the old-fashioned way. With manure. Evenly distributing nature’s fertilizer allows us to skip using feedlots and harsh chemical fertilizers. Our cattle like it too; grazing and roaming freely, enjoying the change of scenery with cleaner waterways, thanks to reduced fertilizer runoff and the elimination of pollution. It’s an approach that’s holistic and healthy for both our community, and our cattle.

Our protocols.

Our ranchers, our rules. We’re on top of every step of the process, every time. Really want to dive into the details? We are happy to share our Beef Protocols here.

Keeping Carbon Where it Belongs.

We cultivate rich, healthy soil by capturing carbon underground. The key is allowing forage to develop deep roots, which draws more carbon back into the earth. Each thriving blade of grass nourishes microbes in the soil, promoting forage growth and healthy cattle. Our rotational grazing gives soil a boost in our pastures, absorbing more carbon and working to offset greenhouse gas emissions to create a net-positive return for the planet. It’s the best way to do what we do. Nature and our cattle seem to agree.