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Myths vs Facts

Beef vs. Bull: Grass Fed Myths, Busted.

Separating the Beef from the Bull

The best things in life don’t happen overnight. And the beautiful cuts of beef we dish out are a labor of love. The kind of love and care that gets you out of bed every morning before the sun rises. And by slowing things down and doing things right, it also lets us be 100% up front about every single step of our process, from day one to dinner time. So, sit back and allow us to bust some myths you might have heard about grass fed beef. Because it’s not all created equal.


Grass fed beef is tougher than conventional beef.


Where your grass fed beef comes from can make all the difference. At SunFed Ranch, we’ve perfected our process to produce tender, juicy, delicious beef that is naturally tender and rich in flavor. And just like anything that’s delicious from the start, the key is making sure you don’t overcook it. All you need is a meat thermometer and our easy cooking tips to ensure the perfect tender texture, time after time.


The quality of grass fed beef is inconsistent.


Not on our Ranch. SunFed has strict guidelines when raising and preparing cattle to ensure a consistent, quality meal every single time. It’s a guarantee from our ranch to your table. So, you can be every bit as confident about our beef as we are.


Grass Fed always means the cattle has only eaten grass.


We’ll feed you the truth: A lot of companies out there market their beef as “grass fed” if the cattle has ever eaten any grass—even if they also eat grain, corn, or other high-concentrate feeds. At SunFed Ranch, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished every time, meaning they enjoy a diet that is 100% pasture-provided grass. No exceptions, no compromises.

Our cattle are never confined in feedlots and they are never fed corn, grains, antibiotics or added hormones. And because all SunFed Ranch beef is raised on American Family Ranches, we’re able to care for the cattle even before birth – the same can’t be said for most of the other grass fed cuts you find in the butcher’s case. But we’ll just let our flavor speak for itself.

All Beef.  No Bull.