From Pasture to Plate: A Beefy Lineup.

We believe every bite of beef you enjoy should be delicious, nourishing, healthy, and raised the way nature intended.

No added hormones, no antibiotics, and no steroids. Ever.

100% Grass Fed and free to roam our pastures. Always.

It’s our privilege to offer you our delicious steaks, roasts, bone broths, ground beef, hot dogs and more for every meaty moment that happens at your family’s table – backed by five generations of ranching expertise.

Ground Beef






Organic Grass Fed Beef Like No Other.

It's the purest of the pure processes you'll find. Our organic grass fed beef is raised on USDA-certified organic ranches – meaning growth promoting hormones and antibiotics never go near our cattle. And it's not just the cattle that get the au naturel treatment. Every drop of mother's milk and every blade of grass our organic cattle consume meets the organic standard. In order to be certified organic you must also follow a set of strict and humane animal handling practices.

Can you tell we take the organic certification very seriously? The efforts we put forth each day on the ranch follows a strict audit system – and while it's costly and time consuming, we see it as a labor of love and quality. And it's your way of knowing that we're putting only the purest grass fed beef on your plate every night.


Natural is All We Know.

On paper, you'd swear our natural grass fed beef is certified organic. The only real difference is the price tag. Because we believe, every bite of beef our people enjoy should be nourishing, healthy, created with love and follow the most rigid ranching standards to ensure it's money well spent.

We've said it before, and we'll happily say it again. No added hormones, no antibiotics. And no steroids. Ever. Artificial ingredients have no place on our ranch (or in your belly). We know you only want to serve the best to your family. And that's why we put five solid generations of ranching expertise and passion into every cut of beef we create. No ifs, no ands, no buts. Just really darn-good beef.

Find the Best Cut for Your Next Meal


Rich, beefy and large enough to feed a (very) hungry fam. A "cut of all trades," providing slow-cooker roasts and grill-ready tender cuts like Flat Iron steak. A crowd feeder and crowd pleaser.


Home to some of the beefiest cuts around. From rich and flavorful Ribeye Steak to Prime Rib're gonna need some napkins.


Grill masters, this one's all you. Tenderloin, Strip, T-Bone and Porterhouse...these loin cuts are ready for the grill, broiler, or pan searing.


Both the Top Sirloin Butt and Bottom Sirloin Butt deliver serious beef flavor - no ifs, ands, or...buts. In the Top Sirlon you'll find steaks ready to be seasoned and meet your grill grates. The Bottom Sirloin provides cuts like Tri-Tip and Sirloin Bavette; lean, tender, full of flavor - and a bargain compared to many other cuts.


Muscles in the the rump and hind leg sections bring lean, wallet-friendly cuts to the table. Ideal for rich roasts, marinated seared steaks, and versatile ground beef.


Cooking this cut low and slow is the secret to making it shine, which is why a whole bunch of brisket BBQ pros swear by it.

Short Plate

The higher fat content here delivers a flavor jackpot. Short Rib, meat for Ground Beef, Skirt's all versatile, and it's all good.


Home of the Flank Steak. Lean, huge on flavor, and loves to be braised, or marinated and grilled.


This cut might be humble. But it's mighty tasty, too. You've just gotta know how to handle it. Since the Shank is a portion of the leg, it's typically cut into cross sections called Shank Cross-Cuts, which are then braised to make flavorful, fork-tender dishes such as Osso Buco.