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  • January 25, 2023

    Management-intensive grazing and soil health: The story continues | Progressive Forage

    Progressive Forage provides an update on a Colorado State University study that measured changes in topsoil health of a piece of irrigated cropland converted to grazing pastures for nearly 5 years. The land management system applied is called Management-intensive Grazing (MiG), which involves dividing pastures into different grass and legume mixtures and rotating groups of […] READ MORE

  • January 22, 2023

    Intermountain Grass and Legume Forage Production Manual | Colorado State University

    Colorado State University’s Intermountain Grass and Legume Forage Production Manual takes a deep dive into the taxonomy of pasture grasslands and their management needs. From plant selection and cultivation to irrigation infrastructure and pest control, to animal grazing monitoring and management, this second edition manual is the up-to-the-minute go-to source for grass and hay production […] READ MORE

  • January 19, 2023

    Land use change, MiG and soil health | Progressive Forage

    Progressive Forage reveals the findings of a recent study that measured the impact on soil health of irrigated cropland converted to a land management system called Management-intensive Grazing (MiG). The study, conducted by Colorado State University’s Agriculture Research, Development and Education Center (ARDEC), set out to determine the potential this practice could have to regenerate […] READ MORE

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