5 Important Tips To Help You Rule The Grill With Grass Fed Beef

5 Important Tips To Help You Rule The Grill With Grass Fed Beef

What are your plans this 4th of July weekend? We hope they include BBQ’ing with friends and family! If they do, SunFed Ranch wants to help you WOW your friends and family with healthy, sustainably raised, 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. If you’re king (or queen) of the grill this weekend here are 5 important tips to help you rule the Q and wear that crown with pride!

1. Cook Grass Fed steaks and roasts at lower temperatures. No higher than 300 degrees in the oven or enclosed grill/smoker – 250-275 degrees is best. On the grill, it’s ok to sear for 30-60 seconds per side but then make sure to move the meat away from direct flames and finish until cooked rare to medium rare.

2. Use a meat thermometer to ensure ideal internal temperature, especially for larger cuts of steaks/roasts.

3. Grass fed beef is intended for rare to medium-rare cooking. Use a meat thermometer as a gauge of doneness rather than cooking time. A leave-in digital meat thermometer is best, that way, precious juices don’t escape when checking for doneness.

  1. Always use a spatula or tongs to turn beef. Forget the fork: it will pierce the meat, allowing flavorful juices to escape.

  1. Remember that Grass Fed Beef cooks faster than conventional beef, so don’t leave the meat unattended when cooking.

Happy grilling! We hope you have a safe and FUN holiday day weekend. Click here to find delicious SunFed Ranch grilling recipes!

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