SunFed Ranch Beef Supply

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SunFed Ranch is committed to providing high-quality organic grass-fed beef to consumers, all of which carries the Certified Humane® standard, which validates the conditions in which animals are raised and the quality of the beef produced. Due to unprecedented changes in the US food system, however, and the volatility in the US beef market, we are now importing all of our organic grass fed beef from South America. And even though, under USDA guidelines, we could label our organic beef “Product of the USA” simply because it is packaged in the US, we believe in being honest and transparent, so we do not falsely label our organic beef as being domestic. It is imported but of the same quality we used to be able to source in the US. And it allows us to continue to emphasize the superior taste, nutritional benefits, and ethical farming practices that have always been associated with our products, while maintaining our traditionally high standards and meeting market demands. We are devoted to keeping rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure the imported products align with the same high standards as our domestic offerings.

All of SunFed Ranch’s natural, ABF beef is still 100% domestic and is sourced from US ranches. This supply chain is far less volatile than the organic supply is. We therefore continue to provide our customers with premium all natural grass-beef entirely sourced from within the US. Our unwavering commitment to providing consumers with sustainable, grass-fed beef options is as strong as ever and will not change. SunFed Ranch remains dedicated to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and delivering a positive impact on the food industry.

At SunFed Ranch, our commitment to ethical and regenerative practices sets us apart, and we work diligently to amplify and affect positive change in the food system. All of the beef we are sourcing is our most premium quality, regenerative grass-fed beef, whether imported Organic or domestic All Natural. Together with our ranching partners, we are creating a lasting impact on the food system as we promote regenerative and ethical practices within the meat industry.

SunFed Ranch believes that it is our responsibility to provide positive impact of our practices on the environment, local communities, and the well-being of animals. As we advocate for and implement greater transparency in the meat supply chain, we help ensure that consumers can make informed choices about the products they purchase. We believe that through collective efforts, we can challenge existing norms and drive positive change in our industry and beyond.

We believe in supporting ranching operations that employ regenerative practices, ethical sourcing, and continued innovation in the industry overall. First and foremost, we are committed to providing exceptional imported organic and domestic grass-fed beef to consumers. We believe in transparency and in fostering positive relationships with stakeholders.