Chicken Bone Broth

Made of bones from free range chicken, and fresh vegetables & herbs.

  • No added preservatives or additives
  • 9 grams protein per serving
  • Low in sodium

100% BROTH.

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  • Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, from the grass fed beef to the free-range chicken bones that are all raised without antibiotics or added hormones*, to the vegetables that are picked at the season’s peak. The best ingredients combine with the time-honored tradition of slow simmering and gentle filtration gives our Bone Broth its uncompromising flavor that is rich and satisfying.
  • Broad appeal to different consumer groups such as athletes, paleo enthusiasts, health and beauty-conscious customers.
  • Ready to sip right out of the carton.
  • It is gently filtered and packaged into conveniently-sized shelf stable tetra packaging using a gentle process to retain its nutritive qualities and allows single-serving portability.
  • Upgrade from traditional broths and use as an ingredient for soups, stews or sauces, and flavor to side dishes.
  • Shelf stable packaging allows for versatility of merchandising. Our bone broth can be merchandised next to other SunFed Ranch grass fed beef products in the meat case; in the refrigerated case next to the cold-pressed juices; or on an end-aisle where specialty products are displayed. Our sipping bone broth can also be displayed in your coffee bar or checkout stands.
  • SunFed Ranch broth is high in quality protein derived intact from bones used as a base. Many other broths could be equal to or higher in protein but because they are produced under pressure, the bones are pulverized, which reduces the quality of the protein and absorption to your body. All bone broths should be high in protein, but the type and quality of protein matters greatly.
  • Low sodium, gluten free, no saturated or trans-fat, high in protein and paleo friendly.
  • Healthy, natural alternatives to sugary nutritional drinks and high-in-sodium broths that fulfills the needs of sustainably-minded and health-conscious consumers.
  • Produced exclusively from pasture-raised animals that have been humanely and ethically treated.

Ingredients: Water, Chicken Bone Stock Concentrate (Chicken Bones and Meat, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Bay), Sea Salt.

All Beef.  No Bull.