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The History of SunFed Ranch

The History of SunFed Ranch

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At SunFed Ranch, we honor the past by looking forward. With deep ancestral ties to the land and the craft of ranching, Chris Donati and Matt Byrne set out to raise 100% grass feed beef the way nature intended; cattle that spend their days roaming free on hundreds of thousands of acres of ranchland in northern California, enjoying an all-grass diet, humane treatment, free from added hormones, antibiotics, or the confinement of a feedlot.

Our ways of working are 100% transparent, and our sustainable ranching practices and rotational grazing ensures that not only are we helping preserve our planet, but taking active steps to leave it better than we found it. It’s a process we have worked tirelessly to perfect, and we want you to see it.

Our American Family Ranches create jobs and opportunities that nourish our local communities, just as our 100% grass fed beef nourishes your family with less fat, less calories, more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and more antioxidant vitamins than commodity beef.

There aren’t any shortcuts for doing what’s right. When we say “ALL BEEF, NO BULL” it’s a reflection of our straightforward approach to ensuring that the beef on your plate is delicious, nutritious, and authentic.

Click on the video and come take a look around. We’re glad you’re here.

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All Beef.  No Bull.