The Dawn of A New Day

The Dawn of A New Day

  • From The Ranch


It’s the dawn of a new day here at SunFed Ranch.

Our sustainable ranching practices, commitment to rotational grazing, and focus on providing families throughout our area with healthier, tastier beef is about to ride into the spotlight. 

You may start to see SunFed Ranch in more and more places, from your local grocery store, to billboards, your social feeds…even this site you’re visiting is something new we’ve cooked up. 

It’s all part of our effort to inspire and educate, inviting our community to experience the host of benefits that our 100% Grass Fed Beef has to offer. From our pure ground beef, to our tender steaks and roasts, to our all-beef hot dogs, celebrated corned beef, nourishing bone broths and more – there is an increasing interest in the advantages of incorporating SunFed Ranch beef into your diet. As families look to reduce cholesterol, fat, and calories for themselves, while reducing their impact on the planet, our products offer a better option when it comes to dinnertime decisions. And with our new online store locator, finding the closest spot to get your SunFed has never been easier.

We call our new campaign, “All Beef, No Bull.” It’s a fun way to let folks know that what you’ll get from SunFed Ranch is plain-spoken truth, and true 100% Grass Fed Beef. From pasture to plate, we’re here to do things the right way – the kind of things that make you feel good about what’s on your family’s dinner table. Just as we have for five generations of California ranching…and counting.

While you’re here, we invite you to take a moment and enjoy some of the pictures we just took of the ranch that we’ll be featuring in our campaign. We’re proud of what we do and the way we do it – and we’re humbled that we get to spend each day caring for the cattle that roam freely on our pastures. Sometimes it makes for long days, but we can’t imagine a better way and a better place to spend them.  Thanks for stopping by. And an even bigger thanks for sharing a spot at your table with us.

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