Ranching The Way Nature Intended

Ranching The Way Nature Intended

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They’re the Rulers of the Ranch

When Matt Byrne set out to raise cattle the way nature intended – rooted in the way their families had ranched for 5 generations – it also raised a lot of eyebrows. After all, ranching in a way that’s respectful to the earth, the animals, and the families we serve isn’t exactly the easiest way to do things. But doing the right thing and doing the hard thing are often the same thing. And with that commitment as a foundation, Matt started what is known today as SunFed Ranch.

Matt knew that by providing their cattle with a stress-free, as-nature-intended life, on thousands of acres of grassland on which to rotationally graze, the benefits would be multi-fold. Better for the land. Better for the cattle. Better pass the salt and pepper.

But enough from us. We think our Founders’ stories are told best straight from the source. Just press play and let our ranchers take it from here…

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